State Taxation

Taxation- is for Fiscal/ Monetary and Social Policy. Not Revenue.

During the peak of the Financial Crisis in 2008 the Federal Reserve embarked on a program called Quantitative Easing. At the time it was called the “nuclear option.” Under this plan the Federal reserve purchases assets that are falling in price or have few if any bidders. This gives the sellers (generally banks) cash in exchange for an…

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2014 Minnesota Estate and Gift Tax Changes

Governor Dayton signed into law changes for Minnesota’s Gift and Estate Tax laws on Friday March 21st, 2014. Below is a link to the bill enacted (HF1777)( Pages 40 to 47 contain the estate and gift tax sections), summary of changes and a table showing it’s tax impact on various sized estates: http:// 1) Annual…

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2013 Minnesota Estate and Gift Tax Changes

Govenor Dayton signed bill MN HF0677.4 (click the higligted link to view the bill itself) into law May 23rd, 2013. There are numerous tax changes to state treatment of property tax, income tax and estate and gift Taxation. My  notes and highlights are below: State Income Tax Update 1) Changes- the bill increase the income tax rate from 7.85%…

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